5 Quick Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

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I’ve said it time and time again, and it bears repeating: twitter followers are not sales. Similarly, neither are Facebook likes. But having more followers does improve your tweets’ visibility and marketing is all about putting your product in front of as many people in your target market as possible. And your followers are your target market.

So without further ado, here’s 5 quick tips (in no particular order) to help your twitter account gain some more valuable followers.

5 Quick Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

#1 Schedule Tweets

Do yourself a favor and get yourself an account on one of the many online post schedulers out there. I personally use Hootsuite because the free version contains all the features I need, and they’ve got a nice little chrome extension for quick-scheduling of content you want to share. Scheduling tweets around the clock will increase the chances of someone seeing one of your tweets, regardless of whether you’re awake or not. Also, since you generally do your browsing in batches, you don’t want to share all the interesting content at once and then spend the remaining 23 hours in radio silence. Spreading your tweets will make building a following much easier.

#2 Be Kind, Reply

Received a retweet or a mention? Let them know you appreciate the gesture by replying to the tweet. It takes less than a minute and will help your retweeter remember you.

You’re meant to be social. And it doesn’t have to be something elaborate; something simple like “Thanks for the retweet, @username! Much appreciated!” will go a long way. And sometimes you can even get retweets and favorites of the “thank you” tweet.

#3 Follow Back (If It Makes Sense)

If someone follows you, it’s considered generally good etiquette to follow back. But be careful. First, don’t follow anyone whose interests don’t align with yours. Having a high follower number looks great, a high following number not so much. Second, be wary of following bots. You don’t want your account linked and associated with automated spam accounts. And lastly, always keep parity between following and follower. If your follower : following ratio is too skewed towards the following, Twitter will put a limit on your follow amount.

Also worth mentioning is that some people will unfollow you if you don’t follow them back, so if it’s someone you’d like to keep on your list, be sure to follow them back.

#4 Prune Your Follows

Following from tip #3, unfollow “useless” accounts regularly. I use Crowdfire to get rid of any accounts which haven’t followed me back (unless you really care about them) and any accounts which have been inactive for a long time. Pruning your follows like this will make sure that your following number isn’t inflated with unnecessary accounts. Always keep in mind Twitter’s Follow Rules when doing any kind of pruning as it could get your account banned if done incorrectly.

#5 Others First, You Second

And finally, a life lesson: no-one likes someone who talks about nothing but themselves. Even moreso on social media. When sharing content, try to find a balance between sharing other people’s work (that aligns with what you’re trying to do) and your own work and content. Ideally, more of the former, less of the latter. This not only gives you the altruistic appearance of caring about other people’s work enough to give it the spotlight, but it also helps you beef up your post count. You can easily find and share 10 articles about a topic, but it will take much longer to actually write those 10 articles.

Ready to grow your twitter followers? Then keep these 5 quick tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to twitter celebrity status.

Got any other tips? Why not let me know in the comments section below?

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