5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Star Wars

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Lazy post? Lazy post.

I’m late for a surprise party but I can’t simply not post, can I? So here’s 5 things you probably never knew about Star Wars.

#1: The tell-tale sound that TIE fighter engines make is the sound of an elephant call, with the sound of tires on wet pavement mixed in. Throw some sound engineering magic, and you’ve got it! Now that you know, I bet you’ll never not hear the elephant in there.

#2: Nowadays, more scenes than we care to admit are shot on green screen. But when Star Wars originally came out this wasn’t the case. So when shooting the famous scene with Luke Skywalker and the trash compactor, things were 100% real. A little too real, perhaps, because Mark Hamill (the actor) had to hold his breath for so long that he accidentally burst a blood vessel in his face. For the rest of the shooting, they had to make sure they got the framing just right in order to hide it.

#3: Tunisia is often used in filming for its vast expanses of desert nothingness and blinding sunlight. For Star Wars, Tunisia was used for shots meant to be happening on Tatooine. In fact, many of the buildings constructed for the shooting are still standing, and some are even being used by the locals.

#4: The suit worn by Bossk the bounty hunter is a (basically) unaltered High Altitude Windak Pressure Suit designed and developed for the British Royal Airforce. This same suit was also used in a classic episode of Doctor Who (The Tenth Planet), bridging a gap between two highly influential and pretty darn awesome franchises that should have fans and fan theorists squealing with joy.

#5: And finally, remember the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi? Of course you do. And they were called Ewoks right? Everybody knows that at some point in the movies someone had to call them Ewoks, otherwise, how would we know what to call them? Well, no-one actually does. See, the name “Ewok” is never, ever (not even once!) mentioned in the movie. So how do we know they’re called Ewoks? Because they were called “Ewoks” in that other movie no-one should ever talk about.

Bonus Fact: No-one’s ever figured out what Yoda’s species actually is.

There you have it. Five facts you probably didn’t know about Star Wars. Is your life better now? Most probably not. But at least you can tell the next person who mentions the Ewoks that no-one ever calls them that in the Star Wars series. Maybe they’ll squint at you for a second, like you’re a giant nerd (which you are). Or maybe they’ll spend the rest of the week watching the Star Wars movies trying to figure out if you’re right. And once they’ll figure out you were right, they’ll have actual proof that you truly are be the biggest nerd of them all.

Just don’t tell them you got it from here.

Or do.

In fact, please do. I need the views.

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