A Plan For Classic Board Games HQ

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classic board games hq As I’ve mentioned before Classic Board Games HQ [link] is currently in a sort of slumber. After going live in 7 days flat, and an initial push to get it out there, I lost a lot of the momentum and CBGHQ fell into business limbo.

After being live for 6 weeks with no sales, I’ve realized I may have underestimated how much work needs to go into the business to get sales, and I’ve spent this week formulating a simple plan to slowly start pulling it out of limbo.

Here’s how I’m gonna do it (I’ll report back in four weeks):

  1. Get a newsletter subscription form, to capture visitor emails. Most people who visit the site aren’t ready to buy anything yet. But without capturing their email and making that initial connection (which you can use to contact them later on), that sale potential is lost. Of the 400 people who visited the site after Munchkin’s creator tweeted my blog post, no sales were made. But if I had captured some of their emails, then maybe, after a newsletter or two, they would then be interested in buying something. Having missed that chance, that potential is most definitely lost forever. Shame.
  2. Post every week. Finding time to write regular blog posts might be hard, but it’s not that hard. It shouldn’t be tough to find an hour to write one blog post a week, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I can even use those posts for my 100 Days of Words challenge [table of contents] as I did yesterday [Find The Board Game That Suits Your Style]. After all I’ve written 79 posts in 79 days so far. I can do 1 a week.
  3. Add 10 products a week and push a weekly newsletter to subscribers. It’s useless to capture emails if you’re not doing anything with them, so the plan is to add 10 products every week and then push a quick weekly update to people who subscribed using the opt-in pop-up from step 1. That way I can keep the website in front of those who subscribed, hopefully converting them along the way into customers. The 10 products a week goal should keep the website fresh and growing continuously.
  4. Follow people on Twitter. Just find 10 people who might be interested in board games a day and follow them. Odds are some will follow me back, and those people will become a part of my blog audience. Coupled with the email capturing pop-up from step 1, I should start growing my mailing list in no time! Or at least, that’s the plan.
  5. And finally, Tweet! I should not find it hard to tweet at least twice a day. Anything goes as long as it’s board game related: news, guides, quotes, my own posts… Having a dead twitter account (as it is now) is hurting more than it’s helping. As it stand, I’d be better off closing the account altogether and I’d like to change that.

That’s it. I’ve already added the opt-in subscription form, so at least that’s done. Now onto the rest!

I’ll let y’all know how it turns out :)

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