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Tech forums tend to have this every once in a while. /g/ has it fifteen million times a day. Just like the “share your linux desktop” thread.

But it’s always fun to see what other people’s computer desks look like. Some of them are absolutely hilarious… others, I can only dream about. Here’s a bunch from the current thread because, why not? I’ve spent the last two hours trying to set up some sort of advertising network for Classic Board Games HQ and it’s not going as well as I’d hoped. So here’s to lazy Buzzfeed type posts. If they work, they work, I guess.

But first an anime gif, because one does not simply walk into 4chan without anime gifs.

animu girl

Excellent. PS: Click on the images for a full-size version (when availabe).

#1: Katana, check. Mountain Dew, check. Doritos, check. Shitty as fuck camera, check. This guy’s a walking stereotype.


#2: Love the big screen the middle. Totally want one. What’s that sticking out in the middle though? Is that a mic? That would drive me insane just standing there all day.


#3: That old school keyboard. Yes, please.


#4: I love the space on this desk. Those huge-ass speakers would probably drive me crazy but I guess this guy is some sort of music producer, so that’s cool.


#5: This guy lives in a dorm, so I can understand the lack of space, but who in 2015 still uses a 4:3 monitor?!



I’m a real writer, even though you wouldn’t know it from posts like this. But sometimes I get tired and I’m doing this challenge where I need to write and publish something every day for 100 days straight. Sometimes I just don’t know what to talk about, so I talk about random crap.

Like pictures of computer desks found on 4chan.

Seriously though, check out my other posts. I promise they are not all bad. Here’s some of my favorite articles I wrote:

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. But first… a gif!


me irl

#6: Holy crap, son. That is a lot (!) of space. I don’t think I would ever need this much desk space. Then again, if I had this desk space, it would not look this clean. Kudos on that.


#7: You know some weird shit’s going on in this house when the guy’s got 6 screens and (actual) wallpaper that looks like some sort of old-timey brothel.


#8: Myy eeeeeeyyyeessssss…


#9: Okay so nothing speci–holy shit that lighting. This guy’s neon game is on point. Also, three screens and a laptop. All displaying anime. And what’s that on the left? Is it some sort of mini fridge? It’s covered in anime, too.


#10: This one takes the cake, if you ask me. This whole desk space looks like it was literally created to be liked by people on 4chan and the internet as a whole. It’s working.


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