Bitcoin Price Volatility Is “All In The Brain”, Say Neuroscientists

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The price and volatility of Bitcoin is something that’s always on everybody’s mind, and with good reason. Two years ago in 2013, after starting the year at $12 per BTC, the price soared to an all-time high of $1,242. Immediately after that, the price sank back, and it’s been playing around in the range between $200 and $400 ever since.

Understandably, every time the Bitcoin price dips, panic and fear spreads far and wide through the Bitcoin community. On the other hand, each rally has everybody getting hyped up. Check out Reddit’s reaction to the last time Bitcoin rose to $400 a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, no-one’s been able to give us a reasonable explanation of why this happens. Why does Bitcoin’s price soar so high only to sink so low immediately afterwards? Why does it feel like a roller coaster every time I check out /r/Bitcoin?

Surprisingly (or is it?) the key might be in the hands of neuroscientists.

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Amante Reale

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