Classic Board Games HQ – A Quick Update

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Tomorrow, we’ll continue our analysis of time travel theories, but today I want to talk a little bit about Classic Board Games HQ.

classic board games hq

CBGHQ (Classic Board Games HQ) went live on Sep 06, 2015, approximately 5 weeks ago, and in that time I’ve garnered around 1k page views.

And absolutely zero sales.

While somewhat disappointing, I know that I’ve also not done much to make it happen. I’ve only spent a couple of hours adding products to the website, and only managed four blog posts so far – mainly because my paying freelance work and this 100-day challenge take priority over everything else (this is also the reason why I haven’t started working on yet). So I gotta admit it’s not surprising that I’m ranked deep into page 4 of Google for my focus keyphrase of “classic board games”.

When my blog post about how to destroy your friends in Munchkin got retweeted by the creator of Munchkin himself, I saw 300 views in one day, but still no sales.

I admit… I may have underestimated the work that needs to be done for this affiliate business idea to work.

Which is why next week I’m going to figure out and write down a proper plan to kick CBGHQ up a couple of notches. That includes ways to capture visitor emails, blog post frequency, ways to improve social media standing and finally a schedule for adding products. I’m also probably going to get myself a VA to add a bunch of products into the system, take the load off me so I can focus on more important things.

We’ll see.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for a new board or card game, why not check out our selection on Prices are the same as on and you’d be helping a budding business grow.

And we both win :)

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