Mele & Co. Ricardo Charging Station

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The best part of my job as a freelance blogger is all the research I get to do. It’s great because I get to learn a lot about what’s out there. Unfortunately, I also get to check out a ton of cool things and it takes all the self-control I can muster to keep myself from buying all this stuff!

Today, I was writing a couple of reviews for a client wanting a top 10 list and I came upon the Mele & Co. Ricardo Charging Station.

It’s awesome and I want one!


Basically, it’s a charging station + jewelry box combo with a wooden finish that oozes elegance. On the top section there are three compartments ideal for smartphones, and each division has access to the back of the station (via a wide slit) which contains a hidden compartment for power cords. The middle section contains one set of ring rolls, an open section with watch cushions that you can remove, and on the far right is a coin slide for spare change. The bottom section is an extra drawer for some more storage space which you can use for any extra jewelry, reminder notes or credit cards. The outside of the dresser top valet is built from a sleek wooden composite and the inside is lined with suede fabric.

It’s great for the man or woman on the go. How many times have you had to hunt around for keys, your watch, and your mobile phone only to find out you forgot to charge it? Throw this on a counter close to your front door and you can just pick up whatever you need while heading out. When you come back, put everything back in its place, plug your phone in, and everything will be ready for the next time.

Things like this get me excited. This charging valet solves a big problem in a simple but effective way, and it looks good doing it.


Quickest way to get one is from Amazon (click here). It costs $60.00 (which is why I haven’t gotten one yet) but if you can afford it, maybe get me one, too?

Cool, thanks!

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