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…to life, the universe, and everything. I wish there was a guide you are given the moment you can read and that you can follow while growing up. It could take you all the way to, say, 80 years old. Maybe there could be checklists you can tick and exercises you can do that will help you better your life. Then when you die, the people you leave behind can go back and reread all the things you wrote in your little Guide to Life.

I wish I could write that book. Be the man who wrote the actual book on living.


Instead, today I wrote “The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Mobile App”, and submitted it to ReadWrite. It outlines a five-step process one should follow to have a successful mobile app launch. There’s a surprising amount of documentation out there on the social and marketing aspect of it all, and yet so many people ignore all that then wonder why their app failed so miserably!

This deserves a mention because it’s actually my first ever blog post submission to a website which was not a freelance client of mine. It’s a particularly scary feeling. See, when you have a freelance client, you know you’ve already been vetted. The client knew what you could do before they chose you and they thought you were good enough for them. So when you submit work for a client, even though that little bit of fear stays with you during every submission, you at least know the client already likes your work.

On the other hand, submitting guest posts like this brings with it a whole ‘nother level of anxiety. You don’t know if they’ll like your article. Maybe they’ll think it’s crap. Maybe they’ll laugh at you and send you a video of them laughing at your work.

Oh no.

That doesn’t really happen, does it? I think the alternative is sort of a worse fate. They don’t like your work but they’re apathetic towards it. They’ll just “meh” and shrug their shoulders and they’ll throw my work into the virtual trash can. I shudder at the thought… not because I think all my work is exceptional, but because I pour my damn heart into every sentence I write. My work deserves to be read, not sit on someone’s hard drive until it ‘fatal error‘s its way to the nearest skip.

But, this one’s out of my hands now.

I feel helpless and excited and scared and amazing.

But above all, I feel successful, because today I’ve ticked another box in my little list of goals. That’s all that really matters.

Amante Reale

I'm a freelance writer specializing in tech, gadgets, security, cryptography and cryptocurrency. Warning: I am armed with very strong opinions and I'm not afraid to use them. Hire me!