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This one’s gonna be a little more casual than usual and it will be a blog post about my own blog posts. Oh so very meta. Feel free to take the day off and read tomorrow’s post instead… Steve.

blogschedule_notextWhen you’re blogging, as with most things in life, being spontaneous may seem like an amazing idea (especially when it’s romanticized) but in reality it just creates a lot of stress. Especially when you’re blogging as prolifically as I am during these 100 days (day 18… woo!).

The major problem with my current process is I don’t only need to pick a headline to write every day, but I need to randomly pick a niche to write for and I think this latter part is the hardest for me. If I had one topic to write about, (say, blogging tips) then it would be simpler, but I can’t just fill in 100 consecutive days talking about the same topic. While there’s no shortage of articles to be written for any niche, coming up with original content for that niche every single day is simply not possible with the time I have available. Which is why I end up rotating between news, tech/gaming, how-to’s, blogging/writing, business, fiction, lifestyle/self-help and reviews.

(May I just say, on a somewhat unrelated note, that I’m quite proud of myself that I am able to link an article for each single niche I just listed. That is one incredible feat.)

So I decided that, since I’m doing this rotation anyway, I might as well put some structure into it. This resulted in a weekly schedule which I’ll attempt to adhere to until it either falls apart or I finish the 100 days.

Here it is, alliterative names and all.



One of my favorite hobbies is watching movies and TV shows. Monday is going to be about reviews of, and my opinions on, said movies and TV shows.


I love tech so that’s what Tuesday is going to be all about. This includes everything from software to gadgets to gaming and everything in between.


Writing (and specifically blogging) is something I do as a business and as a hobby. This has lead to me learning a thing or two about the topic and I think knowledge should be shared.


Thursday’s gonna be about business, freelance, entrepreneurship. It might include news related to the topics but I’ll attempt to keep it educational. Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? Business and Thursday don’t start with the same letter like all the other days? Well, that’s because Thursday sucks. Seriously, screw Thursday.


Personal finance is something that is very important to me. I spent years living paycheck to paycheck, not because I wasn’t making enough money but because I was really bad at managing what little I was making. Luckily, things have changed and I would like share with you the things I learnt.


Social media is a big deal nowadays, and leveraging social platforms for marketing is something you just can’t do without. This is going to be a mix of marketing, social media, and content marketing tips.


Sunday’s just gonna be that special day where I write about whatever I want. It’s going to be anything from meta-posts on the challenge to any topics which I wanted to cover that week but couldn’t because of the schedule. Kinda like this blog post you’re reading right now!

That’s it. Of course, this one’s just a first draft and I expect it will change in the future. But this is the best I could come up with for now so I guess we’ll amend as we go.

Have any topics you’d like me to talk about? Any suggestions or tips or even… gasp… criticism? Feel free to let me know in the comments section!

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