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Real life got in the way today so I won’t be able to write a proper post but I thought I should share something anyway.

This is a music video about the issue of schools not teaching subjects that are practically useful for the vast majority of students. Life subjects such as understanding how money works, doing your taxes, or finding a job are replaced with astronomy, pure maths and ancient history. Is it worth it?

The artist says in the video’s description:

I absolutely love a lot of the subjects I mention in this – astronomy, particle physics, pure maths… but I hate that everyone is forced to learn them. It should be a choice. There are a million other things wrong with education, but this one stood out as the most obvious and most insane.

The video’s quite thought provoking and I wish I had the time to really delve into it here… maybe tomorrow?

In the mean time, here it is below.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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