Every Once In A While…

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…a day comes around where I can’t figure out what I want to write about. This 100 Days of Words challenge is entertaining, surely, and now I’m at a point where it’s become an essential part of my routine. On days where I’ve got something planned in the evening, I write during my lunch break, to make sure I don’t skip a day of the challenge (even though that’s happened a couple of times).

But writing every day tends to dry up the idea pool pretty quickly, quicker than it can regenerate, at least. I love tech and gadgets and politics and security and all that jazz, but some days I simply can’t formulate a cohesive topic. It’s not that I can’t write… I can write about whatever and whenever. It’s finding a worthy subject to write about, a worthy headline, that’s the hard part.

Things would be a bit different if this was a paid job, but this blog is my blog. It’s supposed to be fun. So I only write about things that excite me, and sometimes, there’s nothing exciting I’d like to write about on here.

It’s not meant to be a tech news blog, even though a lot of the posts are tech news posts. And it’s not meant to be an opinion blog, because it’s impossible to have a different, strong opinion every day for 3 months. Not to mention most of the time I wish I could write longer posts but those posts would take, say, two or three days to research and write, but I need to write a post every day. So those longer posts are thrown out the window.

I’d also like to guest blog more, but guest blogs take time to write and put together and get accepted, and those are days in which I can’t show you anything on this blog. So I basically stopped guest blogging until I finish my 100 days challenge. Same goes for the MinuteTechNews.com website I’d like to launch but don’t have the time for, because of the challenge.

So, for now, I’m gonna keep writing and ticking off the days. Today is day 071, so it’s just 29 days left.

Less than a month.

Come on. We can do this.

Amante Reale

I'm a freelance writer specializing in tech, gadgets, security, cryptography and cryptocurrency. Warning: I am armed with very strong opinions and I'm not afraid to use them. Hire me!