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I’ve talked about a lot of things when it comes to freelancing, from how to stay motivated, to podcasts you should be listening to and the general state of freelancing in the US right now. As a freelancer myself, I enjoy helping out fellow freelancers as other freelancers have helped me out. It’s a good idea to pay it forward whenever you can.

So without further ado, here’s some online tools that should make your freelancing life a little bit better, most of which I use myself.

We start with because brainstorming is usually the start of any project. If you’ve ever used mindmaps to generate project ideas, you know how this works. is a free tool that will help you visualize your project ideas.


There are many online to-do list applications, but there’s something about Todoist that has managed to keep me around. I hate to-do list applications that require a lot of work and Todoist is easy, quick and streamlined. Add tasks, check them off. It’s got a few other features, but it doesn’t get more minimalist than this. (The mobile app helps, too.)


When it comes to finance, Mint is the one everybody knows about, and with good reason. It’s got a plethora of important features, from budgeting to bill tracking, and even though it’s originally designed to be a personal finance app, it works just as well for a freelancer.


If you’re like me, research is 75% of your work, and most of my research is saved in Diigo. Technically, it’s a bookmark management web application, but Diigo not only lets you save bookmarks which you can access from wherever, but you can also highlight, annotate and tag sections of websites so you can remember why you bookmarked that 1,500 word article.


Dropbox. What can I say? I like my backups. I’ve got a paid account because I needed the extra disk space, and I use dropbox to both take backups automatically of whatever I put in the folder on my PC, and to send larger files to clients. Just throw it in there, then get a share link. Easy-peasy.


For receiving payments I use Paypal. I know, I know, you already knew about it but you didn’t complain about Mint and Dropbox, did you? Also, did you know you can also issue invoices from Paypal? That’s what I do, and I don’t need to pay anything extra. They do skim a bit too hard off the top but until I find something better I’m sticking with them.

FreeImages (previously is where I get all the photos I use on my blog posts, particularly because they’re free to download and free to use. Better than grabbing one off Google Images and then getting sued for all you’ve got.

So there you have it. A bunch of tools that should definitely make your freelancing life at least a little better. Let me know in the comments section what you use and I’ll add it to the list. Happy freelancing :)

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