I Have Made A Grave Mistake

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See, I usually try to spread my work along the week, so I don’t get swamped. But this week I attempted to do something different… I decided I’d do all my work during the weekend. The idea was that, since I’m only a humble part-time freelancer, I wouldn’t spend all week working. And since in the weekend I have much more time available it wouldn’t be as hard to complete all my work. After all, if I spend 2 hours every day writing, it shouldn’t be an issue to spend an extra 5 hours on Saturday and another 5 on Sunday (for a total of 14 hours over the two days (5+5+2+2)).

Unfortunately for me, I failed to factor in three things:

  1. Burn out. Look, I love writing, but 7 straight hours of writing is just something I’m not accustomed to so I found myself burning out quickly. Luckily, my writing hasn’t suffered yet, but it’s very close to (which is why I’m writing this now, as a sort of break, and setting to publish tonight). The fact that it’s the weekend isn’t helping. I like my weekends light and stress free… and this is the exact opposite. And because I’m getting tired, articles are taking longer to write, causing a feedback loop.
  2. Procrastination. Everybody procrastinates, or at least that’s what I like telling myself. Thing is, when I skip a day, I can just make up for it on the next day. No biggie. But working on all articles on the weekend leaves no space for procrastination. While this might seem like a good idea, it feeds easily into step 1. I can’t take a break because I need to finish my work by today or I’m missing my deadlines. No bueno.
  3. Finally, Halloween. I’m not going to lie… I went out yesterday for a Halloween party, and stayed up till 4am. I’m not hungover, but man is my body tired.

So, sure, my writing’s not suffering, but that’s because it’s taking me twice as long to write an article than it usually does. It’s been a half hour since I started this and it’s only 300 odd words so far. That’s 6 seconds a word.


I get it, Universe, I shouldn’t leave all my work for the weekend. Lesson learnt.

On the bright side… post #88. Almost done! Come on! COME ON!

PS: I’ve added three new products to my ClassicBoardGamesHQ.com store that no collection should be without. Maybe go check ’em out? Would definitely make me feel better…

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