I’m Sick :(

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I am currently: sick.


I do not enjoy this anymore than anyone, I guess. Although you do have to take into consideration those that do enjoy being sick, and those that pretend to be sick when they aren’t, and the effect those groups of people might have on the general average of human emotion towards being sick. So, to be perfectly safe, I enjoy being sick less than the general average of sick people (including those who are pretending to be sick to get off work or school, and those who suffer from Munchausen).

Now that we’ve established my ability to write words that pretend to be making a particular point, but amount to basically nothing of substance, I’d like to point out that I’ve so far written 128 words (up till “far”) and I have said literally nothing other than stating the simple fact that I’m sick.

Excellent. You’re still here. I’m so, so sorry.

This is post number #64 in the 100 Days of Words challenge that I’m inexplicably putting myself through. Why would I do this to myself? Who knows. I wanted to write about my new MinuteTechNews.com project, but I think I’m getting another bout of fever and I can’t deal with this right now.

Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

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