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While work on is underway, and in the spirit of short news stories you can digest in under a minute, I’d like to take a moment to go over some of this week’s important technology news.

Improve Detroit

First in our line-up of brief tech news, the Improve Detroit smart phone app has fixed more than 10,000 problems so far in the city. The app lets users alert city hall to potholes, abandoned cars, or busted traffic signals, among others. In the six months since Mayor Mike Duggan launched the app, 6,500 people downloaded it and over 10,000 problems have been fixed. “It’s never been easier for Detroiters to get their voices heard and their complaints taken care of,” says Mayor Mike Duggan.

Adobe’s Flash Vulnerability

In somewhat more sobering news, Adobe confirmed a major Flash vulnerability and there’s only one way to protect yourself from it, they say… uninstall Flash. The vulnerability (CVE-2015-7645) “has been identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux,” Adobe wrote. It’s high time that Adobe take measures to kill Flash and this vulnerability right after a major update should is little more than another nail in Flash’s coffin.

10Gbps Internet In Tennessee

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, the world’s fastest residential internet connection is about to hit the streets. At $299 a month, residents of Tennessee city can now have 10Gbps internet speeds. While quite pricey, 10Gbps means you can download a 4GB movie in 3 seconds. This announcement from Chattanooga comes after a legal battle with Comcast and Time Warner Cable (after Comcast and TWC attempted to to pressure the FCC into killing proposals “that would allow the expansion of Chattanooga’s public broadband networks“). Chattanooga won.

Tesla Leading The Race For Self-Driving Cars

And finally, the future has arrived. The software on Tesla cars can be upgraded with a simple button push and today’s update (v7.0) brings with it the next level in smart car development: Auto Pilot! If you haven’t yet seen the video from TechCrunch taking it out for a spin, I’ll link it below. The Auto Pilot updates includes auto-steering, lane-changing activated by using the turn signal, and parallel auto-parking. Additionally, it also includes a UI overhaul (which is expected considering how interface-heavy the auto pilot is!).

As much as I like the self-driving car idea, I’m still a little skeptical about its safety. Here’s an article where I talk about my issues with this sort of tech.

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