On A Budget? How To Save Money Grocery Shopping

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Food and groceries are a money-sink and so it makes sense to try and figure out ways to save money in this category when budgeting. Here’s five tricks you can use to get more bang for your buck.

Go For Longer Expiry Dates

Fish around for products with longer expiry dates. The last thing you want is to get fresh items that will expire before you’ve had a chance to consume them. Wasting food equals wasting money. Also keep in mind that most shops will push their soon-to-expire, older stuff to the front of the shelf, and “hide” their fresher stuff at the back. So fish around and be aware of how long it will take you to consume that milk carton vs how far off the expiry date is.

Buy In Bulk And Freeze

Most items are cheaper in bulk, that’s a fact. If something can be frozen, then buy it in bulk, cut into meal-sized portions, repackage and then freeze. You can do the same for things like vegetables and fruits: if you find a good deal for buying in bulk, particularly when something is in-season, go ahead and buy it in bulk, then freeze the excess.

Check Out The Bottom Shelf

Stores know that it’s much easier for you to look straight ahead and up when browsing for groceries, but it’s much harder to bend over or kneel. They use this fact to put the higher-priced items right within arm’s reach, while burying those items that don’t make them as much money, or aren’t favored as much by the general pubic, on the bottom-most shelf. Use this to your advantage. Keep your eyes on the bottom shelf and don’t get distracted by the fact that the higher-priced items get more shelf-space. A store’s goal is to make a profit by any means necessary. Don’t fall for it.

Shop Monthly Instead Of Weekly

If buying in bulk and buying items with longer expiry dates is what you’re aiming for (and you should), then your biggest enemy will be weekly trips to the store. Instead, plan your shopping ahead, get one big shopping trip done at the beginning of the month, and only visit the store weekly for fresh produce and things you just can’t avoid buying fresh. On the weekly visits, head in, buy whatever you need, and get out.

Polish Your Shopping List

As you go about your month, using up the stuff you bought at the start of the month, polish your shopping list. Over time you’ll be able to build the perfect shopping list by getting rid of things you didn’t need, updating the quantities of items to reflect expiry dates better (and reduce waste), and include items you had to buy on your weekly visit but should have bought on the monthly one.

If you keep in mind these 5 simple ways to save money while grocery shopping you’ll have a much easier time sticking to your budget while keeping money spent to a minimum.

Do you have any other techniques you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section below!

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