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online writing tools

Technology is great and web applications are awesome. As a freelancer and as a writer I tend to use a ton of web applications to help manage my time and maintain some semblance of peace of mind. Today, I’m going to talk about some great online writing tools that I use. Give them a go, see if they fit your workflow, and if you find them useful don’t forget to give this post some love :)

Here we go.


calmly writer
I write all my posts on Calmly Writer first. It’s a minimalist, free web application that provides a distraction-free environment for you to write to your heart’s content.  It also lets you format your text via markdown but I rarely use that feature. All my formatting happens once I get my work into WordPress.


If you’re working on a project that requires some intense writer block unblocking and you’ve also got a focus on word count, I suggest giving Ilys a try. This web application asks you for a word count and then provides you with a textbox into which you enter your content. But there’s a catch… every character you enter hides the previous character. This stops you from going back and editing your work, thus forcing you to focus on your flow. Once your word count is reached, you are notified and allowed to see the full content.

It’s a crazy idea and it might just be what you need.



If you’re like me, your work has a ton of “so” and “just” and “you see” in it. It’s just one of those writer ticks everybody has. If you’re worried that you’re repeating words over and over, check out WordCounter. It takes a chunk of text and lists the most often used words. Simple as that.



If you’re publishing a book (even if it’s just a short pdf) you should always, always, have your work checked by an editor. But editors are expensive, especially for someone who’s a prolific blogger. Enter Grammark, an open-source web application that checks your work for various grammatical and readability issues. The results above are for one of my favorite articles “The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Mobile App” and, as you can see, Grammark picked up on a few issues.

Once Grammark returns your results, you can click on one of the categories and find the issues highlighted in the text itself so you can go straight into it and fix whatever might cause readability problems. In the case of For the example above, wordliness issues are fixed by removing excessive words, and replacing them with snappier, more concise content. Thanks, Grammark.

There you have it. My four most favorite online writing tools that I use almost everyday for my work.

Are there any web applications for writers that you use regularly but are not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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