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Ahh, Special Sunday again, that free-for-all, no-scheduled-topic day where I talk about anything I want. So here goes:


Precisely three weeks ago I announced that I’ll be creating a schedule for my blog which will help me plan my daily blog posts better. This seemed like a good idea at the time (it still is, just not for me) and I must admit that it did help a lot. If you blog about various topics, then having direction every day (mine was: Movie reviews on Monday, Tech stuff on Tuesday, Writing tips on Wednesday, Business help on Thursday, Personal finance tips on Friday, Social media concepts on Saturdays, and a no-topic Special on Sundays) really does provide some much-needed peace of mind. Trying to figure both a topic and a specific headline to write every day was causing me a lot of stress, and the schedule got rid of the former half of the equation.

So why am I getting rid of the schedule now if it’s working?


One of the advantages of writing every day is that you get a lot of practice in a short amount of time. If I were to write one blog post a week (as a lot of bloggers do), I’d still be on post number 6. Instead, I’ve written 38 posts so far in 6 weeks, with this being number 39. But writing every day also have the side-effect of exposing you to a lot of topics, markets and niches, and you quickly find out whether you care about these topics or not. For example, I quickly realized that writing movie reviews was a chore for me, something I didn’t enjoy. I hated Movie Mondays, even though I only had 3 of them, and Mondays get enough hate as it is.

Now, after 38 (39) posts I’m starting to get a real feel of where my heart lies, and that is (to no-one’s surprise): tech.


There’s many, many reasons why I would want to focus on tech. I could cite the facts that my full-time professional life is in tech, I’m absolutely amazed by how fast the industry moves, I thoroughly enjoy finding new, techier ways to do things, or that I’ve had a lifelong obsession with things that go beep-boop. But the bigger reason is much more than these, and much simpler:

I enjoy writing about tech.

It’s simple as that. Over the past 6 weeks I’ve written articles on anything from the advantages of outsourcing to a list of the top 10 best selling non-fiction books on Amazon. But few things give me more pleasure than diving into Tor and .onion sites to figure out why the Ashley Madison hack is still a big deal or to examine the implications of having law-enforcement control weaponized drones. Tech makes me giddy, even if it’s just news about the latest iPad.

Additionally, I’ve been burying myself in documentaries about hacktivism, online anonymity, and cyber security lately, and I literally can’t wait to share!

I’m telling you, there’s no way I’m going to be able to stick to just writing about Tech on Tuesdays.


The schedule is now back to “write about whatever I want”, but with extreme bias towards tech. Sometimes I may find a good non-tech topic and write about that, or maybe share how my classic board games online store is doing, but generally it’s going to be centered around tech or, at least, tech-related.

Special Sunday will remain though. I love the simplicity of ending the week hanging out with you guys and just… talking about stuff.


I spent all day yesterday attempting to successfully install, dual-boot and then set up Debian “Jessie” and I feel like the burning rage I felt throughout the process has reduced my life expectancy by a minimum of 2 years. Dear God, Debian, you’re a pretty cool OS but you need to be nicer to people.

I also watched The Theory of Everything, Home, and Chappie this weekend, and I seriously doubt I have any tears left to cry.

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