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I’ve had an idea for a while to develop a website that summarizes news related to technology, cyber security, cryptocurrencies… the things we live with in our day-to-day lives.  But even though it deals with technical stuff, I don’t want it to be technical. I want it accessible. I want the regular Joes of the world to be able to read it, understand it, and act on it.

I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but if somebody’s gotta try, might as well be me.


These topics are dear to me. In a way I breathe technology every day. I am bathed in it, I work in it, I play in it. As a full time software engineer, a part time freelance writer focusing on technology, and all round tech aficionado, I feel like I am connected to the tech world in more ways than I can count.

Unfortunately, let’s be honest here, most websites relating technology news are either heavily biased or, worse, inaccessible to people who are unlike me. You may think that’s fine–after all, who would want to know the ins and outs of every security leak other than people like myself?–and you’d be right. On the other hand, technology is such an integral part of our everyday life that absolutely no one can close their eyes and ears to it. Maybe most people wouldn’t want to know how the imgur hack happened, for example, but most would need to know that it has happened, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t they want to know how to fix their computer, if they were attacked? Does the hack only affect people who can understand it or does it affect everyone?

We tend to forget that our customers and end users are not others like us. Graphic designers, for example, fall into this trap all the time. When they think, they think of other designers. But their target market is not other designers. If the world wants X, no matter how many graphic designers want Y, doesn’t matter how many think X is inferior, the world simply wants X, and you better deliver X if you want to get paid for your work.

The same thing happens with tech news and I have found myself falling into this trap. We love showing off, in a way, don’t we? It’s so much cooler to show indecipherable screenshots of reverse engineered malware than it is to tell people there’s malware out there and they should download this antimalware software, or install that firewall, to protect themselves.

While there is a market for technical technology news (of course there is) I feel like the general public just doesn’t have an accessible, explain-like-I’m-five version of those same news and therefore they remain in the dark. Absolutely no-one is completely cut off from technology nowadays… then why are we not making more of an effort to educate and inform? These people use technology blindly and they are the most at risk of attack.


Lets take a look at this article, discussing China’s new policy to affect citizens’ credit scores based on cyber surveillance collecting information about their (and their friends’) political opinions. This is an extremely important article that should raise everyone’s eyebrows. And yet, at 800+ words, I can assure you not many people who aren’t directly affected by it will ever read it. This is not a case of the article being too technical. Instead, this is a case of people today not having the time to sit down and read articles from a thousand different websites in order to keep up.

Not even I do, and I’m a tech blogger. This is what I do. I’ve mentioned that I breathe and live technology, and not even I have the time to go around reading everything that’s posted. My RSSOwl has a thousand unread articles, and new articles get added every hour, with double-digits.


Back to my original point, I am working on a news website that will take the latest news, categorizes them in terms of priority, and summarizes the content in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner. Each summary would then have one or more links to full-text articles posted elsewhere, for those who’d like to get a more in-depth explanation.

This way, we can make news accessible to everyone, everywhere. No more excuses.

Would this interest you? What do you think? Leave your comments in the comment section below, or hit me up with an email on I look forward to your feedback.

Amante Reale

I'm a freelance writer specializing in tech, gadgets, security, cryptography and cryptocurrency. Warning: I am armed with very strong opinions and I'm not afraid to use them. Hire me!